Raw Materials and Powdered Metals

Vacuum Furnaces Were Made For Additive Manufacturing

A presentation by Solar's Bob Hill given at the ASM's Heat Treat 2015 trade show about the relationship between vacuum heat treating and additive manufacturing.

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Critical Melting Points Booklet

This work is an update of the original reference compilation by Charles F. Burns, Jr., Copyright 1997. The current booklet contains revisions to the original work as well as numerous additions. This booklet should serve as a handy reference for people that work in the metals industry.

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Utilization of Vacuum Technology in the Processing of Refractory Metal, Titanium and their Alloys for Powder Applications

Increased usage of refractory metals, titanium and their alloys in the aerospace and electronics industries has led to the use of the hydride/dehydride (HDH) heat treating process for recovery of spent materials. The HDH process has been known for many years in the manufacturing of transition-metal powders.

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