Vacuum Hardening & Tempering Services

Vacuum Hardening & Tempering Services

Minimal Distortion, Bright Results

As in annealing, brazing, and stress relieving, vacuum metal processing of tooling and high strength steel can give you an advantage over conventional hardening and tempering.  Vacuum hardening prevents high temperature oxidation and decarburization, while gas quenching from vacuum minimizes distortion over traditional oil quenching.  Vacuum tempering keeps parts bright and clean with no temper scale.


Unique Capabilities

  • Large furnace capacity (up to 48 feet)
  • High pressure gas quenching
  • Hardness testing
  • On-site metallurgical test Lab
  • Conformance to AMS and MIL specifications
  • Production or one-off jobs
  • Cryogenic processing and nitriding


Materials Processed

  • A-2 Tool Steels
  • D-2 Tool Steels
  • S-7 Alloy Tool Steel
  • H-13 Tool Steel
  • 4340 Alloy Steel
  • 300M High Strength Steel
  • M-2/M-4 High Speed Tool Steel
  • And many other grades!

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