Vacuum Brazing: A Three in One Process that Provides Efficiency

Different metal joining processes each have advantages and applications for which they are best suited. An often overlooked capability of vacuum brazing is the simultaneous combining of three metal treatments in one process: bonding, cleaning and heat treating.

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Brazing of Electric Power Interrupters in Vacuum Furnace Specially Designed for the Process

William R. Jones, David Rinz and Real Fradette, Vacuum Furnace Systems Corporation, August 1994 - Four vacuum furnaces, specially designed by engineers of Vacuum Furnace Systems Corp, Souderton PA to braze electric power interrupter assemblies of the vacuum arc suppression type are described.

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Vacuum Furnace Brazing Large Segments of Heat Exchanger For Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Five large heat exchanger segments for an experimental power reactor (Tokamak) for Princeton Plasma Physics have been successfully vacuum furnace brazed. Each segment was brazed, one at a time, in a vacuum furnace (Model HL66) at Solar Atmospheres, Inc.

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