Thermal Processing R&D Engineering

Thermal Processing R&D Engineering

Optimize Heat Treatment Processes

Rely on Solar Atmospheres’ Thermal Processing R&D Engineering as a resource for value-added metallurgical support.  Combining a broad range of application experience in the metals industry, R&D Engineering has the knowledge to develop and optimize heat treatment processes to best achieve the desired material properties for a given application.  The group is dedicated to providing a service unique in the commercial heat treatment industry.


Unique Capabilities

  • Group of metallurgists, scientist, engineers, and technicians focused on heat treatment cycle development and optimization from laboratory to large production scale product
  • On-site metallurgical laboratory for microhardness testing and microstructure analysis
  • Two laboratory furnaces specifically for R&D; one all metal, one high temperature graphite
  • Utilization of a residual gas analyzer (RGA) for process and equipment development
  • Ability to provide equipment modifications to accomplish new processes
  • Available to discuss material selection and surface treatment options for performance enhancement


Process Development

  • Low pressure carburizing (LPC), to comprise aerospace and high performance gears
  • Vacuum purge gas nitriding, including post nitriding oxidation for improved corrosion performance
  • Titanium nitriding for wear and corrosion resisting properties
  • Solution nitriding of martensitic stainless steels for increased surface hardness and resultant bearing performance
  • Hydriding/dehydriding of transition element scrap for recycling
  • Purification and/or sintering of powders



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