Vacuum Creep Forming Services

Flatten or form titanium to unique shapes

Vacuum Creep Forming Services

Titanium and their components are generally difficult to flatten or form at room temperature due to their strong spring back and high strength.  At elevated temperatures, titanium’s creep strength decreases to such a level that parts can be creep flattened or formed into unique shapes.


Unique Capabilities

  • Complete line of vacuum furnaces ranging from small R&D lab sized to large 48 foot long
  • Extensive load sensor capability (48 thermocouples)
  • Precision ground graphite fixturing used as a base or mold


Components Processed

  • Sheet
  • Plate
  • Weldments
  • Forgings
  • And more!


Materials Processed

  • Titanium


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Ask the Expert: Solar Atmospheres of Western PA’s Director of Sales Discusses Creep Flattening Titanium

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