Solar Atmospheres of Western PA Adds 3rd Car Bottom Air Furnace

Solar Atmospheres Adds Additional Air Furnace

Hermitage PA, March 18, 2024 – Solar Atmospheres of Western PA recently commissioned their third car bottom air furnace manufactured by Heat Treat Equipment Inc. This large Class 2 air furnace with a maximum operating temperature of 1350°F measures 60” wide x 38” high x 168” deep. The newly installed equipment joins two other HTE car bottom furnaces that are 14’ long and 20’ long respectively.

Bob Hill President of Solar Atmospheres of Western PA and Michigan states “the addition of this large air tempering/aging equipment compliments our five (5) state of the art vacuum car bottom furnaces very nicely. Instead of hardening and triple tempering this 6000 pound H13 die exclusively in a vacuum environment, Solar can save our customers and our company over 100 hours of valuable and expensive vacuum processing time. After successfully hardening in vacuum at 1850°F +/- 10°F, the fully hardened die was transferred to the air car bottom furnace for the triple temper operation of 1025°F +/- 10°F. These large and uniform car bottom furnaces are a win/win for both the customer and for production – not exclusively for heavy parts but also when treating long components.”

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