The First Move for Solar Atmospheres of Michigan

Chesterfield, MI, October 31, 2023 – Solar Atmospheres of Michigan has commenced the relocation of the first of eight (8) existing vacuum furnaces from the old Vac-Met premises. The first 38” wide by 28” high by 72” deep vacuum furnace, decommissioned from the Faser Michigan plant, will be fully operational this week in the Chesterfield Michigan facility. The migration of the next seven (7) vacuum furnaces and other ancillary equipment, originating from both the Fraser MI and Warren MI plants, will occur every two weeks. By the end of 2023, the transferred assets will join the new existing Solar vacuum furnaces to form a new state of the art vacuum thermal treating facility in Michigan.

Bob Hill, President of Solar Atmospheres of Michigan states, “To have all of our operations under one roof is a massive step for our employees and our company. Ownership of the vacant lot next to us gives the opportunity to grow the business more efficiently in one location. We are excited to get through this transition phase and look forward to 2024 and beyond!”

For more information about the Solar Atmospheres Michigan facility contact Chris Molencupp at 586-264-8100 ext. 1620, or