Solar Atmospheres South Carolina Facility Orders 10-Bar Vacuum Furnace

10-bar vacuum furnace

Greenville, SC, November 7 – Solar Atmospheres is pleased to announce the order of a new 10-bar vacuum furnace for our Greenville, SC facility.

This new state-of-the-art 48” wide x 48” high x 96” deep horizontal vacuum furnace will be manufactured by sister company Solar Manufacturing. The furnace is capable of processing up to 12,000 pound loads and is scheduled to be installed in late 2024. This new vacuum furnace will feature a vacuum pumping system capable of achieving an ultimate vacuum of 1×10-6 Torr, which is crucial for processing titanium and other high grade alloys. Additionally, this furnace will apply newly developed designs for the uniform and rapid cooling of large workloads, allowing our Greenville facility the ability to continue bringing unique processing capabilities to the US Southeast.

Solar Atmospheres Southeast President Steve Prout states, “We are proud to be offering our customers another regional option for high pressure quenching of large components and workloads as well as the opportunity to leverage economies of scale to reduce their cost of thermal processing in the midst of the challenging economic environment we are all facing.”

For more information about the Solar Atmospheres Greenville facility contact Mike Paponetti at (864) 970-0111 ext. 1406, or