Solar Atmospheres Sales & Marketing Summit 2019

Solar Atmospheres Sales and Marketing Summit 2019

Pictured left to right: Mike Drakeley, Mike Paponetti, Keith Reim (Corporate Marketing), Mike Moyer, Steve Lodge, Tim Steber, Mike Johnson, Tim Fish

The 4th Annual Solar Atmospheres Sales and Marketing Summit took place this year near our Fontana, California facility. Sales managers from the four Solar Atmospheres commercial heat treating sites attended and discussed overall sales from the previous year, unique processes, developments occurring at each plant, as well as  sales and marketing initiatives for the coming year. After the meeting, the group took a tour of the Fontana facility to view their recent expansion and newly installed furnaces.

From the North, South, East or West, the ultimate goal is to continue to enhance customer service by adding significant value to our customers’ operations. Our sales team has over 200 years of combined thermal processing and metal working experience. Contact one of our sales managers to discuss your challenging thermal processing requirements.