Solar Atmospheres Sales and Marketing Summit 2018

Solar Atmospheres Sales Summit 2018

From left to right: Mike Paponetti, Mike Moyer, Mike Drakeley, Keith Reim (Corporate Marketing), William Jones (CEO), Tim Steber, Mike Johnson, Mike Harper.

The third annual Solar Atmospheres Sales and Marketing Summit was held this year at the corporate headquarters located in Souderton, PA. Sales managers from the four Solar Atmospheres commercial heat treating sites attended and discussed the overall sales from the previous year and the unique processes and developments that were taking place at each plant. Multiple opportunities were cited and a plan to execute marketing initiatives for those opportunities was developed.

“Over the years we have become a large and very diverse company,” stated Michael Johnson, Sales Manager for Solar Atmospheres of Western PA. “Meeting once a year to discuss the many lessons learned and strengths of the other sites has served all of us very well. From the North, South, East or West, the ultimate goal is to continue to enhance customer service by adding significant value to our customers’ operations.

We’re not sure if you recognized a pattern in the picture caption, but if you call any of the Solar Atmospheres sites for a sales question and ask for Mike, you will be taken care of. For additional information, call 1-855-WE-HEAT-IT (1-855-934-3284).