Solar Atmospheres Eastern PA Adds Boeing Approval

Boeing BAC-5613 Approval

August 9, 2023, Souderton, PA – Solar Atmospheres Eastern Pennsylvania facility is pleased to announce the addition of Boeing BAC-5613 approval for the processing of titanium for Boeing aircraft. With this approval, all five Solar Atmospheres facilities are approved to process Boeing end-use titanium components requiring vacuum heat treatment.

Mike Moyer, Vice President of Sales for Solar Atmospheres of Eastern Pa facility states: “We are proud to announce this addition to our scope of approvals for Boeing. Solar has unique expertise and capabilities in the realm of processing titanium, and we are happy to gain Boeing’s confidence in that regard. This new approval opens the door for Solar Atmospheres to better serve Boeing’s suppliers in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, as well as provide overflow capacity for other Solar facilities nationwide.”

For additional information, contact Mike Moyer, VP of Sales, Solar Atmospheres at 215-721-1502 x1207, or